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On this training, you will discover:

  • How to turn your Passion & Expertise into an Membership site With A Freedom Lifestyle Mindset
  • Top 6 Membership Site Ideas For Generating Residual Income Online
  • How To Create Content For Your Membership Site

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18th July, Thursday / 8:00 PM, UK Time

Heidi Wang started out building websites in a corporate world for nearly 10 years before she had her own Web Design business.

When she started her own WordPress Web Design business, she didn't know how to use WordPress, although she was a Web Designer, but she never knew the back-end programming language and had to always worked closely with her back-end developer to complete the whole website. 

Since she discovered WordPress, she didn't need the whole team to support her to complete the entire website. So she started her own web design business. 

Beginning she was struggling to get high paid client. After she took Eric Ho as her mentor, attended his one of the program and Within 21 days, she generated $40,000. 

So in this training, she will show you how you can use the same strategy and and make money too.  This free training webinar reveals the exact process that Heidi followed to get Better trafficHigh Conversion membership site and creating recurring income.  She will show you how you can start doing the same right now.

Heidi usually charges $5,000 - $10,000 to work with clients but this free training webinar reveals the same process to you for free!  

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Rachele Done

I have used Heidi to build my new website as a fashion and personal stylist brand. My business is growing and I have 20,000+ Instagram followers now. It really helped my business.

Master Lim

I just want to say a max thank you to Heidi for all your hard work. Our website is up and running now, I am actually featured there, it looks so smart.

Manh Tu Le

I would high recommend everyone who is looking for web design expertise to use Heidi, she really goes above and beyond the expectations.  First time I met her, she blew my mind. Whenever I saw her website, she could answer all the questions I had. 

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