Have you tried something, but failed to deliver?

This morning was a cold and windy January morning and I was scheduled to present a 10-minute overview of my company ‘New Eye’ in front of the members of the Croydon Business over Breakfast (BoB) networking group.

We normally assemble at approximately 06.30 hrs and after 30 mins drinking tea and coffee formally start the meeting at 07.00 hrs. I am never late and pride myself on turning up on time in a professional manner, suited and booted, ready to engage.

I was scheduled to present at 07.40 hrs – but my alarm did not go off! I woke up at 07.30 and panicked. It took me 20 mins to hurriedly get dressed, get out and get to the venue. I suspect I broke the speed limit and I certainly didn’t have time to put on my make up or even wash my teeth!

How embarrassing! It was just totally not me or what I am about.

We were 15 minutes late starting the presentation and my mind went blank – I forgot what I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to let people down. I wanted to discuss the origin of my company, my entrepreneurial journey and my new range of services.

I am not sure how well it came across. Click here to see yourself.  The group are extremely friendly and were very forgiving.

But that is NO EXCUSE – it was unprofessional on my behalf.

LESSON LEARNT: Get more than one alarm clock – especially for chilly winter mornings.

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Oh well – the day can only get better!