Online Marketing Intensive


The step by step roadmap to creating passive income online with Tim Han.



“The Step-By-Step Roadmap To Creating Passive Income Online … “

We understand starting your very first online business can be intimidating (& maybe even overwhelming).
One of the biggest problems that our society faces today is analysis paralysis. As a result, often finding overwhelming quantities of unorganised information, we tend to overanalyse and freeze – failing to apply any of it. And if you’re starting your first online business, over-analysis can be your worst enemy. Having to learn how to create an entire business from scratch is a big mountain to climb – a mountain that stops most people even before they begin. For this reason, it was important for us to provide you with simple, organised, and actionable information that you could use to build your own online business. But instead, the team have taken it a step further to ensure that you’ll build a successful online business. We will help you lay the core foundations of a successful online business right at the event – providing you with personalised feedback and a clear, simple plan that you can implement right away to continuously improve all areas of your business.
TRAFFIC GENERATION – getting eyeballs onto your websites Part 1, you’ll learn the latest strategies and tactics of building a list of potential customers, driving them to your webpage and converting them into sales. giving you clear, simple, and specific instructions on how you can become visible to your target market through branding, social media and paid advertisements.
AUTOMATION – building your passive income machine
Part 2 – Is all about building your automated sales system. I will break down step by step the most effective strategy for building your sales machine that generates income passively. Remember, most consistent way of generating wealth is turn advertising into profit. On day 2 you will build your own sales system that can literally make you money while you sleep!
CONVERSION & SALES – maximise your profit
Part 3 is when the magic happens … Vou’II learn how to maximise profit in your business through learning how to effectively split test – a systematic method used to continuously improve your conversion rates thus your profits. It’s a highly valuable skill that will not only benefit your online business today but all the other businesses you will create in the future.