Outsourced Support makes good commercial sense…..

Outsourced Support makes good commercial sense

A common issue with small and medium businesses (SME’s) is that they do not have enough time or resource to continuously update their digital platforms. Many SME’s don’t have a marketing department and put off this activity as ‘something they will get around to in the evening or at the weekend’.

Do you recognise this, as being you?
It is a false investment to build a website and do nothing with it. It is also very damaging for your professional reputation if a prospect returns to your webpages to find that nothing has changed. Why would they bother coming back a third time?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is of equal importance. SEO is how the search engines relate your pages to the end users search criteria. What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. Just as clothes fashions change on a periodic basis – dependent on seasons, colour trends etc – search criteria are also dynamic. More people search on ‘football’ during the live football season as they follow team structures, table position and upcoming fixtures. The same applies to ‘Summer Holidays’ where peak searches are in the Winter months of January and February and there are very few searches in the Summer.

SEO is based on matching key words on or around your pages with the search criteria selected by the end user. There are additional criteria as well as keywords – highly listed in that criteria are ‘freshness of the page’ – how recently it has been updated. It is essential that your webpages are dynamic and follow these ‘seasonal trends’. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) will discard your pages if they remain too static.

You have invested a large amount of resource (time, money and materials) into creating a website. This website represents your profession window to the world

– Are you really going to leave this to an exercise ‘you will get around to at the weekend’?

There is a professional alternative – get an outsourced service to treat this as a priority and update your webpages, keywords, headings, images and tags in a controlled timely manner.
New Eye Web Design can provide this service – our packages start at less than £100 per month – a small price to pay to develop your professional image and to build your brand

Keeping your webpages fresh will develop your professional image, enhance your brand and will get you included in the search results. This will lead to additional business.
Email us today to discuss your requirements and to get details of our monthly support packages.

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