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What If You Could Actually Launch A Working Automated Online Business In 3 Days?

"Work With Me To Create Your 

Automated Online Business..."

High-End Strategies

Learn & directly apply the latest digital marketing strategies

Understand Your Audience

Find your perfect target audience & learn to speak their language

What's Working NOW

Model Exactly What's Working RIGHT NOW in YOUR Industry!

Learn The Formula

Create 'conversion funnels' with a template you can use over again

3-DAY HANDS-ON WORKSHOP • 18th - 22nd July 2019 • LINCOLN, UK



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Yes, I'm Ready To Launch My Automated Business In 3 Days!


You CANNOT Afford To NOT Be Online Right Now...

Let Me Explain Why...

From: Heidi Wang

monumental opportunity is coming.

The question is, how prepared are you?

Studies show that Google handles over 1.2 trillion searches each year.

Soon, the entire world will be online.

Can your business really afford to continue offline?

Can you expect to survive without leveraging the converting online systems used by those on top?

Here's The Deal...

When it comes to creating online businesses, most of us get completely wrong.

They try to do everything their own way, always attempting to figure every small detail out themselves...

All whilst completely ignoring the bigger picture.

Why do everything the hard way?

The hard truth is, when it comes to online businesses, by the time you discover the systems and strategies that are working yourself, it’s already too late

Digital marketing is moving forward like never before. If you don’t ride the wave, you’re going to sink.

For this reason, if you want to learn what’s actually working right now to get massive results from the ever-growing online market, you literally cannot waste ANY time.

The Beautiful Thing is: it is not that hard!

When I first started business, I didn't understand the true power of online marketing. 

It wasn’t until I first learned about conversion funnels and passive income that I got a glimpse as to what I could achieve if I learned the right systems.

Since then, I’ve been committed to Digital Marketing for over a year, learned from great mentors and top-courses worth tens of thousands of pounds, and broke down what is the common factor between countless top companies leading online to learn exactly what’s working right now - and how to apply this to any business.

But not just that! 

As most top-entrepreneurs know, you want to be combining hard-cord Old School Business Strategies with top-notch New School Online Marketing Strategies!

That's what has made all the difference to our company I Am Creator..

As the CEO of New Eye,  Business Owner and renowned Marketing Coach, I see it as my duty to be on top of the Business & Digital Marketing developments and share it with my students!

In under a year these strategies have transformed our company H Akademy to an internationally acclaimed brand that reaches out to and inspires thousands of business owners every month whilst generating tens to hundreds of thousands consistently.

I’ve committed to spreading the value of what I’ve learned to as many entrepreneurs as possible, coaching and training our private inner circle to help them grow their business and get their message heard.

Now I want to share with you everything I know throughout the 5 days we'll spend together.

And, because I always love to overdeliver, I'm going to make sure that I don't just teach you what I know...

I actually work by your side and #DoWhateverGOODItTakes to help you implemented my teachings so that YOU can launch your own business in a matter of days!

"To come here and have Heidi go above & beyond to deliver and implement step-by-step & see each one of us when we needed... you can't put a price on that"

"This event will teach you everything you could ever need to know about digital marketing, and how to make a real success... I've got my business launched!"

"Now I know landing pages, Facebook advertising, how to lead capture, how to brand yourself... I never thought I could do it, and here I am..."

Before We Begin, I Need To Ask You This...

Do You Want Success?

Heidi Wang

Heidi Wang

Heidi Wang

Heidi Wang

Heidi Wang

I understand that the world of online business is daunting (and maybe even overwhelming)...

If you want to make a true impact, there’s so much to learn - not only do you need to master countless complex systems and strategies, you need to find (and connect with) your audience…

In a world with almost 1.8 billion active Facebook users and over 25 million homebred businesses, without the right guidance you may never understand how to properly leverage this colossal market.

This is why I’ve created launch your business in 5 days, the 1 week hands-on workshop where I teach you (often on a one-to-one level) everything there is to know about online business, digital marketing and tried-and-tested strategies.

But that’s not all. This event is truly unlike anything else right now…

…because I’ll work with you, in the context of your business, to do ALL THAT I CAN so that YOU can walk away from the 5 days with your first systemised and tailored automated online business

What this means is that together we will find your product and brand, set up and master the powerful systems, and launch your fresh new business - right there, at the workshop!

Does that mean I will do the work for you or that anything is guaranteed? NO!! You have to work hard for it, put in hours of dedications during the workshop! 

All I can say is that we shape the right environment for you to excel and during the last LYBI5D some people made money of their launched business during the event.

What Will I Learn?

Creating an entire online business seems like lot to take in. I know this, I've created many.

I want to make the process of starting up online easy, simple and manageable. Not just for the 5 days, but for all future businesses you may create in the future.

For this reason, I've broken everything I know down into just FIVE main phases...

And throughout the days of this workshop we will cover each phase in-depth and hands on, with the constant help of me and our team..

Phase One - Product/Service/Message

(& Designing your Funnel Skeleton...)

Business runs best when you truly serve people with a product, service or message that they want or need, i.e. it solves their problems, gives them inspiration, gives them speed, etc...

The problem is that a lot of people who want to start in business overcomplicate finding their product/service/message and never get started in the first place!

At Launch Your Business In 5 Days I'll take you through this process and show you how you can get started even today!

Using my unique blueprint, the content that you deliver will amplify you, your message and your personality in a way that makes an impact.

But that's not all...

This proven funnel system will help you ensure that customers build a warm relationship with you and your content... and keep coming back to buy more... and in an automated way!

That's right... once you've set up your funnel the right way, you can simply leave it to run by itself in the background - handing your vital time to focus on marketing!

  • Find problems to solve and people to serve;
  • Package your content in a way that provides maximum value;
  • Create an automated funnel that maximises profits and builds relationships;
  • Ensure that your product, service or message resonates and connects;
  • Position yourself as an expert leader and build mountains of credibility and authority;
  • Keep customers satisfied and coming back for more!

     What are the dates for 'Launch Your Website In 3 Days'?

    The event will start on the 18th July 2018. It will run for 5 days and end on the 22nd July.

     What is the venue for the event?

    H Akademy HQ, Stirling Business Park Unit 11, Sadler Road, Lincoln LN6 3RS

     What important times do I need to know about?

    Event registration will start at 9:00am - 9:30am on the first day. Each session will start at 9:30am and conclude at 6-7pm, unless it is 'over-deliver-time'! 😉 

     Can I bring my spouse or a guest?

    Of course! However, because of our VERY limited seating, every person must purchase a ticket to get into the event.

     Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?

    Terms & Conditions apply. However, if you cannot make it, your ticket can be transferred to our next LYBI5D in 2018.

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