How to improve website traffic

How to improve your website for better traffic

How to improve website traffic? The first factor is speed. Search engines with penalize you based on your website speed. They know that it’s a poor user experience. The slower your website, the more people will become frustrated and leave. If your website takes longer than three seconds you could lose 25% of your traffic.

People don’t like slow websites, so search engines will tend to show faster websites. There are a few things you can do here, the first to get good hosting for your website. If you have budget hosting, something that’s £4 to £8 a month you might be running on slow servers and no matter how much you optimize other parts of your site you’ll always have a slower site. So make sure that you aren’t using budget hosting. Another factor is security. Search engines are now giving boosts to sites that run everything through SSL.

So if you can a security certificate to your site you can get a small boost from this. With Let’s Encrypt becoming more popular, some hosts are now offering SSL for free. And many hosts will set it up for free or very cheaply. There are a ton of tiny ranking factors, like how long you’ve had the domain, how long the domain has been active, but usually elements like this aren’t worth spending too much time on. They have so little value that I would rather spend time writing good content and getting links, which will be much more useful to ranking well.[/builder_content]