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Welcome to Automated Webinar Machine

Welcome! Congratulations for making it happen. You are a few steps away to launching your own automated webinar machine. Trust me, this training is worthwhile and truly jam-packed with all the information you’ll need to get things going! You’ve just gained access to:

    • The 26 Point Webinar Framework
    • My Highly Successful Webinar
    • My Webinar Script
    • My Email Follow-up Sequences
    • Video How-To training to automate your webinar with Stealth Seminar
    • How to Design a high-converting opt-in page

Start your lessons by clicking on the right hand sidebar that says “Automated Webinar Machine”.

If you have questions, concerns and suggestions about this training program, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of each training page or email us at info@neweye.co.uk.

Automated Webinar Machine

1: 26 Point Webinar Framework

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