Linkedin groups


  • Why should you join groups and what kind of groups should you join?
  • There are over 2 millions groups out there and you can pretty much find group in any subject.
  • So what is the use of group? Increase your visibility, that’s right, share valuable contents. Thats is right.
  • The best thing about group is that, it gather a lot of people in a particular subject?
  • So what does that mean? Linkedin alread help you to get your targeted prospects in a one place.
  • One of my contact is tax adviser for doctors. Should she join groups for where doctors hand out?
  • 20/ 80 rules for join groups.
  • Linkedin will let you join up to 50 -100 groups.
  • SO what is the strategy with group lead generation?
  • There are couple of thing you can do with groups.
  • Once you join the group and you click on the members, and pull out the whole list of members. And you can just endlessly scroll down to see the members.
  • But you don’t want to waste time go through everyone’s job title right? So what if I want to only connect with the CEO of the company.
  • What you can do is you can hit control F on your keyboard and there is a little window pop out. And when you type in CEO, you can see all the highlighted word shows you whos is the CEO in this page.
  • You can then send them a message one to one directly or connect with that person and then take communications future.
  • So this give me like a bit of shortcut, and now you have 30 more leads to connect to. And you can go through that with 50 groups you have joined. Imaging how many fresh leads you are going to have?
  • Another great way to generate instant leads and quick wins is to share some conversations.
  • Anyone here like writing blog?
  • So here I am going to show you how to share a blog post to 50 groups at once and.
  • You know sometimes when you share promotional materials, or event. The owner of the group might get angry at you and flag you as spam.
  • So this is how you do it.
  • So now that’s say you have a flat to sell and you are looking for investor.
  • So then you can create a post about selling the flat and telling people it is at the prime location etc.
  • You can then click on the linkedin icon and a small window pop up.
  • You don’t want to share as a update instead you click on post in group. You can then select 50 groups you already join. In my case I can join 50 property groups and here you select all the groups.
  • Some of the groups has over 700, 000 members and with 50 groups. And when you post in the group, you have hundred 1000, even millions of people see it. It is going to show up in their news feeds, it shows up in their alert, it shows up in their groups! You are going to have millions of people viewing the contents. And that is the power of Linkedin.
  • So instead of opening 50 browers. You can just share at once.
  • Let me show you. You can then click on every single alphabet and it will bring up each group one by one.
  • So here is the key thing, you want to add title. So instead of using generic title. I am, going to change to generate 1000 sales leads using social media. And then in the body, I will put. What is our experience in generating leads in social media? Mine is great! I generate 1000 leads every month and let me show you how!
  • The purpose of this is for You want to create conversation and engagement right?
  • And those 50 groups are filled with your target clients and prospects.
  • Imaging if you do this every week. Every week you share something valuable about your industry.
  • You will those millions of people will see you every week. You become the authority of your industry.
  • So here are the two tips. Was that helpful?
  • So ultimately you want to create our own group. Get all your targeted prospects together.
  • Help them solve the problem they have and eventually turn your group into a profit machine!
  • Linkedin group is like your own networking event. Do you want to be one the the person attending the event? Or do you want to have access to all the attendees information?
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