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In this video, I want to talk to you about Company page on LinkedIn. Company page on LinkedIn is representative of your company. It will help to enhance your brand and reach out more people.  A great place to shout out your brand.

Why you should use company page?

  • If you have a position within company Following are 3 times more likely to apply for job at your company. People who follow your company page are already signalling interest. They know who you are and what you do. If you have large follower, it means your company branding is efforts and awareness effort is paid off.
  • When reach out to people. 78% are more likely to respond to your inmail. Which mean it would be easier for you the start here and generating sales.
  • 10 x more likely to share your content you post. Once they comment and like your updates on company page. If they have 5000 followers. Everyone will see that once they take action on your post on the LinkedIn. Their own network will also see you company to.

Why is important to get it right?

  • Explain the layout of company page. Images, follower,
  • Hero image. – first when you look at LinkedIn page. There is wide image.
  • People who are working
  • Your cover photo is your viewer’s first impression. As such, it should be both visually engaging and should speak to what your brand is and does.
  • The images you use for the cover, logo and style should be consistence throughout your online presence, that means your website, business card, all the social media platforms.
  • 3 main images – Banner 646 x220 pix – If your designer is doing it. You can drag a image in there but best to build it with some kind of call to action on it. Or sales pitch in there. You might even out in we are hiring and that can be your hero image.
  • Standard logo – 100 x60
  • Go to Edit menue and show what it is like.

Featured group in that

  • You can also feature group. If you have your own group, you can also out in there. You can ask up to 3 groups. It doesn’t have to be your group. If you are a member of other groups, you can also feature the groups here. If you think it is worthwile.

Showcase page

  • What is showcase page? It allows you to show=case certain area of your business, such as certain department or a certain products.
  • It allows you to segment your audience and publish more laser targeted content fo that specific audience.
  • So the image on top is 974 x 330 pixels.
  • So you can showcase your differed products.
  • For example, you could own a coaching company and to have a showcase oage for your training, the other one for your book another one for event
  • For example, Microsoft.
  • This allow you to segment your audiences and best match their interest.
  • You can then share your showcase page in varies of places such as your mail signature. Business card, social media contacts, event invite your Linkedin connection to like ur page.
  • This is a page to showcase your products and services. So you have your main company page and under that you can showcase each one of your product and services. (Give an emaple)

What to share.

  • Company branding who we are. That kind of thing
  • Employment branding & career opp
  • Tips & best practice
  • Fun facts & quote
  • Experiment with different thing.

So we talked about how to range high up on your profile. Now I want to talk about how you can rank high up on your company page.

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