Increase Sales using LinkedIn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiLUmWFivJY

In this video, I want to talk to you how you can increase sell using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to meet your prospects.

  • Doesn’t matter what you sell
  • Good understanding of your products
  • Know your market
  • Build a network of people who need and want your product
  • Build a good relationship with hem
  • Sell will increase.

How do you increase sell on LinkedIn? It doesn’t matter what you sell. Know the product you are selling. Doesn’t matter what products is. Could be anything from property, forex whatever the product is.  As long as you know your market. Build the network of people that likely to want and needs the products at some point in the future. And build good relation with the people. Then the sales will increase.

  • Looking for decision maker.
    • When you want to sale your products and services. You want to target those people who can make the decision to weather buy your products and services or not.
    • There is great Advance search technique on LinkedIn allow you to do that.
    • If you are knowledgeable the area of your selling, you can match the data on LinkedIn.
    • LinkedIn also store a lot of information’s people’s data.
    • You might be targeting high level position in the company like managing directors, C-level executives.
    • What you can do is that can Use Boolean search, which is an advance search tool. Click few boxes. For example, you can find out by industry you are in, which location. Size of company, senior level, years in the particular service.
    • You will then get a list of targeted people.
    • And you can continue to modify that to get the best result. So, you are drilling down to the search of individual’s areas important to you.
  • Form a good understanding of your prospects. Personalize your approach.
    • To be a good sales person, one of the key thing is to have a good understand of the prospect and what they want and need.
    • It is all about networking and you want to treat it like a networking in real life.
    • Essentially if you are identifying someone who you are looking to leverage for sales. You can simple looking at their profile. Finding out more about their history. What they do as a professional, where they come from. Where potentially they are going. Looking at the company, the company they worked at in the past. Which provide a lot of context? The groups which they are members. So basically, familiarly yourself with their connections and their networks.
    • And then personalize your approach to them. So, they are more likely to going to open to you a lot more freely.
    • If now I meet you in a bar and I opening a relevant conversation to you in a bar. Rather than just go up to you and offer you my products and services.
    • We are more likely to have free and open rapport.
    • And the report building should be start right from the moment when you connect with the person. Rather than use the default” I would like to add you to my professional network.
    • So, instead you want to modify that message to a personal approach.
    • The chance of start that dialoged are a lot higher Find a common ground, talking about their profile.
    • Then You can start to build that rapport from the beginning.
  • Network growth strategy
    • There are LinkedIn has 3 levels of connections.
    • You can use the referral method on LinkedIn.
    • This is a powerful method. Like word of mouth.
    • Imaging someone who has talked good thing about you.
    • The best practice is to work with the first-degree connections.
    • If you try to connect with everyone it could touch the spam terroir. If you connect with everyone and anyone then there is no relationship
    • It is not about how big my network is. It is about building a strong network
    • You want to maintain the real relationship with people.
    • Only connect with people who are relevant to your career or business. How they are going to add value to your life as a professionals and sales man. And think about how they are going to drive your revenue for the future.
  • Create engagement and maintain the networking
    • Once you build your network, you want to maintain and engage your network.
    • Without position yourself as a brand. By that I mean A brand means individual in your own right, also as a company.
    • You could be the strongest company in the world or you might have the most valuable knowledge which your species. But if you don’t push that out, People will not see you.
    • LinkedIn a public network, a place to see and be seen. Have you heard of this saying? It is not just who you know but also who knows. You. It is a place people come and share insight and thoughts.
    • Every conversation should be two ways street. Sharing engaging conversation, solve people’s problem. For people to see you as an authority in your industry
    • You can do that by Join a lot of groups. make sure you Contribute to group regularlly. Once a week at least. Not every now and then. Regular updates. Share your options and your industry.
    • It is about engagement and maintaining the network you build. Connecting isn’t enough. You got to stand out from the crowd. By doing that, you have to have a voice. And those updates are your voice.