Business Launch Party

Thanks to all that attended our business launch party. We really appreciate your time, hope you enjoyed it and made some great connections.

🌟🌟🌟Attention Business Owners!!!🌟🌟🌟Do you have a website?Do you want to make money with your website.So where are you now?Maybe you have just started your business but rely on referrals.Perhaps you have a website but are not happy with it as it doesn’t look good and professional.Potentially you have a beautiful website but never convert your leads into clients.Possibly you own a business but are trading time for money.Where do you want to be instead?Imagine you have a landing page that can act as your top salesman.What if this salesman can sell your products and services 24/7 and never complained, never ask for a pay rise?Here you can generate 10x more leads and close more deals.Picture being able to work less but gain more financial and time freedom.How can you do that?How can you get from where you are to where you want to be?Find out more from this video

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See you at the event

Join me on Facebook live, I would like personally invite you to our business launch on 17th of May, the address is in the below link, book your free ticket. There will be refreshments. Www.neweye.co.uk

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You are invited!!!

New Eye Web Design is joining Business Build Advisory and Philip Milton Coach & Mentor to host our official Business Launch Party in the Weatherill House Business Centre, New South Quarter, 23 Whitestone Way, Croydon CR0 4WF

Please come and meet us over few drinks, and enjoy our hospitality.

New Eye web design together with Business Build Advisory and Philip Milton Coach & Mentor are keen to get to know the local community and businesses and take this opportunity to network with you and to thank you for your continuous support.

We look forward to meeting you. There will be refreshments and opportunities to network with other professional see you there.

Outsourced Support makes good commercial sense…..

Outsourced Support makes good commercial sense

A common issue with small and medium businesses (SME’s) is that they do not have enough time or resource to continuously update their digital platforms. Many SME’s don’t have a marketing department and put off this activity as ‘something they will get around to in the evening or at the weekend’.

Do you recognise this, as being you?
It is a false investment to build a website and do nothing with it. It is also very damaging for your professional reputation if a prospect returns to your webpages to find that nothing has changed. Why would they bother coming back a third time?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is of equal importance. SEO is how the search engines relate your pages to the end users search criteria. What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. Just as clothes fashions change on a periodic basis – dependent on seasons, colour trends etc – search criteria are also dynamic. More people search on ‘football’ during the live football season as they follow team structures, table position and upcoming fixtures. The same applies to ‘Summer Holidays’ where peak searches are in the Winter months of January and February and there are very few searches in the Summer.

SEO is based on matching key words on or around your pages with the search criteria selected by the end user. There are additional criteria as well as keywords – highly listed in that criteria are ‘freshness of the page’ – how recently it has been updated. It is essential that your webpages are dynamic and follow these ‘seasonal trends’. The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) will discard your pages if they remain too static.

You have invested a large amount of resource (time, money and materials) into creating a website. This website represents your profession window to the world

– Are you really going to leave this to an exercise ‘you will get around to at the weekend’?

There is a professional alternative – get an outsourced service to treat this as a priority and update your webpages, keywords, headings, images and tags in a controlled timely manner.
New Eye Web Design can provide this service – our packages start at less than £100 per month – a small price to pay to develop your professional image and to build your brand

Keeping your webpages fresh will develop your professional image, enhance your brand and will get you included in the search results. This will lead to additional business.
Email us today to discuss your requirements and to get details of our monthly support packages.

New Eye Web Design is a web design company specialising in responsive website design – this is essential to get recognised on mobile devices. Visit our website to see our portfolio.

BSC radiates success

There are thousands of consultancy services in the marketplace but only a handful of them deliver results in the way Gerlanda Milioto achieves it.

Gerlanda made £450,000 at her bedroom on her first business. The secret to her success is her determination to succeed and with that, her determination that her clients succeed.

Gerlanda has over 25 years’ experience in providing strategy based consultancy to a wide range of high profile clients including Charities, International Banks, NGO’s and the professions. She understands that a professional approach breeds success. Winners mix in the company of successful people. That is why Gerlanda chose New Eye Web Design to create her new web site – http://bsc-limited.com.

Personal Stylist

Rachele is a personal stylist who specialises in new mums. She sets up her own business last year during her maternity leave; while she was facing some baby blues she decided to gain confidence and feel empowered again through a re-styling and simply accepting and embracing her new curves. So She decided to become a stylist to help especially other new mums to feel great again through the clothes they are wearing. I never see anyone who is more stylish than her. She is so friendly and so easy to work with. Before she became my client, we have never met before.

Thanks Rachele for recommending me for our New Eye Ltd Web Design services. Rachele is a personal stylist who specialises in new mums. She sets up her own business http://www.rachelegonzaga-stylist.com last year during her maternity leave; while she was facing some baby blues she decided to gain confidence and feel empowered again through a re-styling and simply accepting and embracing her new curves. So She decided to become a stylist to help especially other new mums to feel great again through the clothes they are wearing. I never see anyone who is more stylish than her. She is so friendly and so easy to work with. Before she became my client, we have never met before. Thank you for trusting in me. Hope you all the best xxx If you would like to find out more about New Eye Web Design Service, Check out our https://www.facebook.com/NewEyeWebDesign/ page, we would like to hear from you. 🙂

Posted by Heidi Wang on Thursday, 18 January 2018

Have you tried something, but failed to deliver?

This morning was a cold and windy January morning and I was scheduled to present a 10-minute overview of my company ‘New Eye’ in front of the members of the Croydon Business over Breakfast (BoB) networking group.

We normally assemble at approximately 06.30 hrs and after 30 mins drinking tea and coffee formally start the meeting at 07.00 hrs. I am never late and pride myself on turning up on time in a professional manner, suited and booted, ready to engage.

I was scheduled to present at 07.40 hrs – but my alarm did not go off! I woke up at 07.30 and panicked. It took me 20 mins to hurriedly get dressed, get out and get to the venue. I suspect I broke the speed limit and I certainly didn’t have time to put on my make up or even wash my teeth!

How embarrassing! It was just totally not me or what I am about.

We were 15 minutes late starting the presentation and my mind went blank – I forgot what I wanted to say, but I didn’t want to let people down. I wanted to discuss the origin of my company, my entrepreneurial journey and my new range of services.

I am not sure how well it came across. Click here to see yourself.  The group are extremely friendly and were very forgiving.

But that is NO EXCUSE – it was unprofessional on my behalf.

LESSON LEARNT: Get more than one alarm clock – especially for chilly winter mornings.

Click here to download our free ebook on how to build a website in just a week.

If you are interested in getting more business by joining a business networking group – email me heidi@neweye.co.uk and I will invite you to Croydon Business over Breakfast.

Oh well – the day can only get better!

You have an alternative – use a website builder – but is it right for your business?

Professional website design comes at a cost – but our emphasis here is on the word ‘Professional’. Your website reflects your business – if it looks amateur – the perception of your business will be that you are an amateur – so why would people bother doing business with you?

There are many website builder products on the market now. Some of the more well-known builders are Wix, Go-Daddy, 1&1, Weebly. They, generally, offer a free platform for you to build a website.

Before website builders became mainstream, websites were written manually by computer programmers using a variety of computer codes. This entailed anyone building a website to be well versed in programming languages and computer code. Today, this is no longer the case. The best website builders are easy-to-use programs that make it easy for anyone to create their own website.

A website builder makes the possibility of a webpage available to virtually anyone.

These websites can not only advertise a product, but also showcase a blog, a service, incorporate e-commerce functionality, or even help you organise text and content.

Typically, users begin their site construction by selection from a wide array of pre-designed website templates. These templates offer various structures, styles and vibes which you can mix and match according to your preferences. They may also vary in functionality. Some templates are designed with attractive galleries for photography or design websites, others with multi-media plug-ins for musicians, performers or sales presentations.

You can also add multimedia such as video to give your website that extra professional feel.

But having the tools to do the job does not mean you can do the job. Many people attempt home improvements with disastrous effects. Not everyone can be an artist or a musician even though they pick up a guitar or a paint brush.

Professional website design is a mixture of having the competence to use the tools correctly and having the artistic flair that brings colour and images together in a way that looks and feels professional. At New Eye Web Design, we have that experience, competence and flair to produce ‘Professional’ websites that reflect your professionalism.

Visit our website portfolio to see how professional design looks and feels. At New Eye Web Design, we applaud people learning new skills – it helps the website owner define what they are looking for – but the opportunity cost of losing business is too great a risk to take. Your business needs professional web site design – email info@neweye.co.uk to discuss your professional business image.

10 SEO tips help you increase your google ranking

1. Make the website about one thing.

It can be about other stuff, too, but choose one primary topic that is most essential to your message.
This step is important, so you may want to do a little keyword research before choosing a topic.

2. Mention keywords where they matter most.

Include your “one thing” in the site title, domain name, description, tagline, keywords, blog categories, page titles, and page content.
If you’re on WordPress, you can change a lot of this in the General Settings or through a plugin like All in One SEO Pack (which I use).

3. Link to internal pages on your site.

A lot of content management systems automatically do this, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll want to be intentional about linking to your most important pages directly from your homepage and cross-linking them with each other.

4. Use a permalink structure that includes keywords.

Some sites have “ugly” permalink structures that use numbers to identify pages.
Don’t do this. It’s bad for SEO and just doesn’t look good.
Use a URL structure that includes text, and make sure you include keywords in your URLs.
So instead of having a page’s URL be this:


It should look more like this:


5. Remove anything that slows down your website.

Page load times are important, so get rid of any non-essentials that bog down your website.
These may including music players, large images, flash graphics, and unnecessary plugins.

6. Use keywords in your images.

Include words that reflect your site topic in the image title, description, and alt attributes.
Also, re-title the file name if it doesn’t reflect your main keywords (e.g. writing-tips.jpg instead of d1234.jpg).

7. Link to other websites with relevant content.

You can do this by including a blogroll, link list, or resources page on your website.
Of course, do it sparingly, as each outbound link is a “vote” for another site. However, if you do it well and people click your links, this tells search engines you are a trusted authority on your particular topic.

8. Update your website frequently.

Sites with dynamic content often rank higher than those with static content. That’s why blogs and directories (like Wikipedia) do so well on search engines. They are constantly being updated with new content.

9. Have other websites link to you.

This is really, really important, when it comes to SEO. The bummer is that it’s not something you can necessarily control. Other than creating excellent content, the only thing you can do is ask (which occasionally works).
My counsel is to spend the time you would trying to convince somebody to link to you on just writing great content. And, start guest posting on other blogs.
Regardless of what you do, know that inbound links are essential to SEO.

10. Stop changing your domain name.

The age of your URL is a factor in your site’s search ranking, so be patient.
If you’re launching a new blog every six months, you’ll never see your site get the value it deserves.

Web Design Tip: Expand your toolkit

Are there tasks in your workflow you feel could be more efficient or at least, more enjoyable? Then one web design tips that can help you out is to do a little research and find out if there are any new tools that better meet your needs.

Just as new web design tips are emerging all the time, so too are new web design tools. From hot new free apps like Pixate, through to updates to industry favorites like the Adobe CC apps for web designers, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for something new that could help improve your workflow and enjoyment levels