• About Heidi Wang

    Heidi Wang is a Freedom Lifestyle coach, entrepreneur and international speaker. She is the founder and CEO of New Eye Web Design, and a Business Partner with Millionaire Eric Ho.


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Over 10 years Web Design expertise. She helped her clients generated over 3M in online sales and built membership websites for big clients such The Guardian Soulmate and The Telegraph Dating website that attracted over 200k users within one year and now has grown over a million users.

Heidi began her career as an art teacher in China, inspired by her father who is a highly successful artist. She decided to continue her education with a Master Degree in Computer Art and Website Design at Thames Valley University, London.

One day Heidi saw an opportunity to get more exposure for her business by entering an Online TV competition, the challenge; who can make the most money online wins the £10,000 prize.  She decided to apply, and to her surprise of all the hundreds of applicants, she was selected to compete in the online TV show – Last Man Standing. Hosted by Celebrity Millionaire Entrepreneur, Eric Ho.

Following her success in the competition and Won the prize, Eric noticed Heidi’s exceptional passion to make a positive impact, he offered her a place in his I Am Creator Team.

Today Heidi helps Eric and team reached thousand of lives online, has recently rebuilt this website and shares her wisdom. 5 F Website Converting Formula is her latest product to help business owners to make money online and have a freedom lifestyle.

Personal Struggles

Two decade ago, Heidi left China to overseas, she determined to give her mum a better life after her father left her mum and married to another woman.

Due to their painful divorce, soon her mum couldn’t bear with the painful memories and was ill.

By that time, Heidi hasn’t achieved what she promised in the UK, still studying and hasn’t settle either her degree and work permit.

She was facing a very difficult decision. weather she can go home like a loser, spent all her money and didn’t gain anything from the UK, or continue to study in the UK.

After graduated from University as Master Degree in Computer Art, she was offered a job as a Web Designer,  she was still struggling to have a the financial and time freedom to spend with her mum when her mum was serious ill in China… and she found herself stuck in a never-ending downward spiral.

But Heidi finally faced her awakening in life when her mum was pass away two years ago. She decided to pursue the freedom lifestyle.

She always felt a loser as she couldn’t give her mum the best life as she promised.


Discovering The Bigger Why


It was at this moment Heidi finally woke up and committed to becoming an entrepreneur in order to try and help her family…

But due to growing up with low self-esteem, lack of English skills and self-discipline, she struggled to get her business off the ground as she found herself constantly self-sabotaging.

That’s when she began invest on mentors and learn newest online strategies to try and get rid of her limiting believes and master her mindset. But despite trying everything, she was left with working very long hours and made much less money than her used to be. worked in every department as a solo entrepreneur.

The Turning Point

Realizing she hadn’t been able to solve her issues on her own, in a moment of anxiety, she began to invest in working directly with mentors and coaches who’d walked a similar path to herself.

It wasn’t long before the investments paid off as she discovered a life-changing blueprint which allowed her to have a freedom lifestyle and feel unleash her power.

She had totally break free herself, which in turn allowed her to reach incredible financial award in her business, and create personal freedom for her and her loved ones.

Today Heidi
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Through realizing what was possible from her own personal breakthrough, Heidi was inspired to pay her message forward. This led her to creating New Eye, with the sole aim of providing transformative education – to people who refuse to settle for 9 – 5 job – about the vital self-mastery skills that the traditional education system has failed to teach us.

Today, Heidi provides the most latest online marketing, results-driven courses for business owners, leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and successful CEOs who are on a mission to change themselves and the world.

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